Solar is largest growing renewable energy sources and after years of research dream of the transparent solar cell is become true. A research team from Michigan State University has finally unveiled the fully transparent like crystal glass solar cell which will now replace your old traditional windows as solar power windows which generate enough electricity to power buildings.Unlike another traditional solar PV panel, these transparent solar panels are only used infrared and ultraviolet light to convert it into electricity.
This research startup has shown patent publically in an event, Cofounder and professor Lunt is a lead researcher in the company and he has first reported his research in 2013.Other researchers from all over the world have also claimed transparent solar cell but their claims have been misleading and not according to their research.

Transparent Solar Panels : Innovative Solution For Solar Windows

solar window

The roof of any huge building is not so big to power entire building and these current photovoltaic solar panels are cannot be used as an alternative to transparent glass windows. Constructing Integrated transparent Photovoltaic is a new type of constructing materials, which provides inexperienced power in addition to building preservation.This glass” or natural cell would finest be served on units that could be charged by any out there light on a regular basis, like cell phones or tablets, watches, and clocks.

This Transparent solar cell absorbs the power of infrared ultraviolet light to generate electric power. These cells are made from a transparent luminescent solar contractor(TLSC), the thin layers of organic salts are used to absorb the wavelength of light which is invisible to human eye. As the efficiency of the prototype is only 1% which is not good to use it practically, researchers are expecting to reach up to 5 to 7% of efficiency which can be good to use it on building to harness power. current traditional PV panel has an efficiency of 13 to 18% and TLSC research has a huge challenge to achieve that target.

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