Air-conditioner is an electrical appliance everyone wants to use it at his home to make it cool in summer season. An average house uses 5 to 10% of electricity consumption to cooling home and buildings. Using Air conditioner is now essential and protect us from high-intensity sunlight and outside hot temperature but it requires a lot of energy to run 24 x7. Most of the air conditioner we are using not eco-friendly and also gives high carbon emission which increases the global warming issues.The air quality we are getting from an air conditioner is not good for health because it cannot filter those toxic, dust containing outside air. Researchers are continuously looking for a best alternative solution of the air-conditioner to reduce carbon emission and energy consumption, because as most of the countries like india, china, and others have boomed in wealth and population, and extend electricity to more people even as the bad climate and global warming issues, the projections are clear: They are going to install mind-boggling amounts of air conditioning, not just for comfort but as a health necessity.A report says that the world is going to install 750 million air conditioners by 20130 and 1.6 billion of them by 2050.Researchers now admitted that they invented a transparent film which requires zero energy to make your home cool at 20-degree Celsius and helps to replace your air-conditioner

Transparent Film Technology

University of Colorado Boulder researchers build a new technology where homes and business no longer rely on air conditioning. Researchers invented a plastic transparent film that can cool the building without electricity due to its radioactive cooling process. scientist Rong Gui Yang and Xiaobo Yin are both inventors of this technology and they admitted that this plastic almost absorbs no light but still manage to pull heat from the surface to which it is attached.The technology is in the testing phase and not yet commercialized but according to researchers, it will be available soon. They have tested it on top of an average American house would be able to keep the internal temperature down to 68 degrees on a day when it is nearly 99 degrees outside.

This Transparent Film Technology Could Replace Air conditioner

new air conditioner technology 2017,

This film is made with a combination of transparent TPX plastic polymethyl pentene and tiny glass beads.The plastic film with tiny silicon dioxide embedded in it. The spheres play a critical role in tuning the material to emit infrared radiation while not absorbing any of solar radiation that hits the material during the daytime.and it has been produced using roll-to-roll manufacturing process with a small price of around 50 cents per square meter.

Before this there was also a lot of research has been carried out by radioactive cooling methods but these methods are too expensive to produce. hence, this transparent film technology is cheap and scalable product and efficient enough to replace air-conditioners. Yes, it does not require energy to work but you have to use hydronic panels to pick up heat inside the house and circulate it up to where the film is on the roof.Use of these transparent taps will reduce the carbon emission and it will be great step towards a green, clean and healthy environment.


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