Here is an another solution to save money and save the environment, a complete solution now becomes a revolutionary product in the industry of paint.The paint which is purely reflective and prevents your roof material for heating up. This paint is becoming very popular nowadays and easy, affordable and innovative solution for everyone to make your house cooler in peak time in summer.It can be easily applied to ACC sheets, RCC, GI sheets and any type of roofs.Due to its heat reflective feature, it is good to use for home, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, metal tanks, water tanks, industrial & go down shades with GI or exterior walls of buildings, cold storages, computer server rooms, electrical control panel rooms, etc. This is also known as infrared reflective paints, cool room paints & heat reflective paints.Using heat reflective paint decrease your room temperature up to 20%  which helps to reduce the use of air conditioner and make environment green due to low carbon emission.


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How Heat Reflective Paint Works & How To Use

Earth receives energy from the sun in the form of solar radiation—It receives different wavelength of radiation according to the electromagnetic spectrum. The sun emits strongly in the visible light range, but it also produces ultraviolet and near infrared radiation.due to the high intensity of sunlight directly contact with our roof which absorbs that heat and increases our room temperature.These paints are available according to its reflective capacity which is measured in SRI.Paints with high SRI reflect sunlight to a greater extent and prevent the roofing material from getting heated up, even during peak hours.It comes with three to five years of the warranty period and reflects up to 80% heat back to the atmosphere.Single coating is enough for the area where the temperature is not too hot and area with high temperature must use the double coating of paint.Before applying cleaned ores with water & bleaching powder solution and stir the paint thoroughly, Then start applying the first coat on the cleaned surface, apply the second coat after a gap of minimum 3 to 4 hours.

Benefits Of Heat Reflective Paint

  1. This help stop bring down thermal shock which can cause your property damage AND extend the life of the roof
  2. It helps to reduce your room temperature up to 20%
  3. it helps to reduce carbon emission and helps to make the environment clean and green
  4. After applying this you can save up to 10 to 20% of your monthly electricity bill
  5. It can be easily applied to any types of roof and work best in peak hours


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