The atmosphere and earth eco system are highly affected due to deforestation and pollution from developed countries. Due to human evolution, our need is going increases and this leads to the lack of resources which helps our eco-system to work properly and remain green. About 30% of Earth’s land surface is covered by forest and the total forest area is decreases over the time period from last 20 years. Deforestation includes conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use. Increase in world population also increases the demand for new urban areas and new industries which require lots of Land which affect our ecosystem. Deforestation results in an increase in pollution, increase in hazardous gases in the atmosphere, Affect oxygen level, Affect ozone layer, Death of animals and another issue which directly connected to the health of a green ecosystem.

To overcome these issue we got an alternate solution to use large towers, building apartment to build a verticle forest. The verticle forest is completely clean and green solution which convert tons of carbon dioxide to oxygen to give us healthy life and they are the future of homes and helps to fight with pollution.

What Are Verticle Garden And How They Help To give Healthy Eco-system

We are already using that traditional planting system in our apartments with small pots of plants to make your home looks beautiful and green. In verticle garden whole tower and building is embedded with thousand of plants to convert a tower into a forest. This alternative solution has now become future of the new building and converts tons of co2 to healthy oxygen. Many developed with large population countries like China, India, and others are fighting with the issue of smog and high-intensity ultraviolet sunlight these are most common nowadays and it affects the average life span of human and all living things.It is a model of vertical densification of nature within the city that operates in relation to policies for reforestation and naturalization of large urban and metropolitan borders.

Benefits Of Verticle Garden

  • It helps to increase the number of trees, which are a key element for a green ecosystem.In the vertical garden, the trees were made to fit their positioning on the facades and by height. It takes a long time to finalize the complete verticle forest system and it processed in the under the survivance of a group of botanists.


  • The verticle forest helps is very useful to filter the incoming dust particle which is present in the outside polluted atmosphere.The diversity of the plants helps to create humidity and absorbs CO2 and dust, produces oxygen, protects people and houses from harmful sun rays and from acoustic pollution.


  • It helps to create a verticle environment which can be colonized by birds and insects, these small living things makes the quality of the sand and also improve the life of trees.Verticle forest helps to increase biodiversity and large no. of verticle forests in the city can setup a network of green environmental corridors which will give life to the main parks in the city


Best Verticle Forest Buildings In The World

1. Bosco Verticale

Bosco verticle are two towers from Italy embedded with verticle garden, the both towers have the height of 76 meters and 111-meter height. The largest tower has 26 floors and the small one has 18 floors, the towers were designed by Boeri Studio. the whole tower is covered with 80 trees, 15,000 plants, and 4500 shrubs.

Bosco vertical forest apartments

vertical forest in india

2. Hawthorn Tower

The Hawthorn tower will be going to become first verticle green tower of China. the construction of both towers will start in early 2019.It is expected to absorb over 5.5 tons of carbon dioxide which are equivalent of one hectare of woods will be installed on the tower to create a real forest impression and complete green environment. The height of the tower will be 90 meters high and there are 10,000 different species of plants will be installed on all side of towers.

hawthorn vertical forest tower

vertical forest china

3. Walan Apartments

The apartment designed by Bureau proberts in Brisbane is an example of perfection. The effects of the combination of technology and nature are truly eye catching. The 14 story glass apartment is embedded with thousands of these different species trees and plants.This is the first project of Brisbane and it helps to filters tons of dust and make lives happier and healthy.

These Apartments With Vertical Garden Are Future Of Your Home

vertical forest building