Here is an another solar gadget which makes your phone gets fully charged by using solar energy.These portable solar chargers stick to the window to get solar energy at converting it into electricity to charge.Using solar energy is not a new technology, but utilizing this solar energy to charge the mobile phone is a new innovation.These solar window charges are consisted PV panel enclosed by silicon pads, the whole body is covered with ABS plastic case. Due to silicon pads which are adhesive and it can stick to any type of glass.

Solar Window Charger Features

Generally, these charger comes with the standard size of 11 x 11 x 1.75 cm, with 1400 to 2000 Mah of a battery housed with ABS plastic case.The weight of the charger is only 95 G(3.35 oz). It worked as power bank due to the availability of inbuilt storage battery. There’s a full-size USB port for dumping charge onto a connected device at 500mA. A mini USB port is available at another side to charge up its own battery. It takes 13 hours high-intensity sunlight to get fully charged.These chargers are now efficient enough to get your fully charged up to three times.Red and green LED indicator are available for charging notification and it comes with auto-cut technology which power automatic power off when your phone gets fully charged.Whenever you want to charge just use supplied thick silicon ring to stick it on the window. As the side of rings is tacky and rough, it needs to clean it once in a week to prevent it from reducing adhesiveness.To clean this pad use can use soapy water and put it on outside the area to allow to drip dry.The Charing plug used attached to USB cable is universal and it can be used for all types of mobile.These solar window charger can be used for charging laptops and various electronic equipment also. Due to large storage space, you can also use your digital cameras, and Bluetooth speaker to charge.These chargers are available in the market with affordable prices.

Solar Window Charger : Smart Solution For Mobile Charging

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