Delhi regulatory commission has announced new fixed charge slot for electricity from 1st September. There is no hike in power tariff has been announced yesterday. Now Delhi resident will have to pay at least 3.7% more for electricity due to increased fixed cost slot.
Aam Aadmi Party had promised for no hike in power tariff during his government, and they keep the same tariff for last three years but now they announced the change in the fixed cost of electricity.
According to the new order, the fixed charge of households having a sanctioned load of one kilowatt has been halved from Rs 40 to Rs 20. If you’re consuming 200 unit per month now you have to pay Rs 820/- instead of Rs.840/-, while the fixed charge for consumers using up to 400 units has been kept flat at ₹40 per month for a 2 kW sanctioned load.

New Electricity Tariff from September

Individual connections with less than 25kw of sectioned load capacity, the power tariff has been left at rs.4 per unit up to 200 units of monthly consumption. For consumption up to 1200 unit per month the applied tariff is Rs. 8.75 / per unit. Delhi electricity regulatory commission has also announced separate tariff for those who are using renewable sources such as e-vehicles, They created a separate category of the tariff to promote e-vehicles, under which a flat rate of ₹5.50 per unit has been fixed for charging stations for e-rickshaw and e-vehicles.

Delhi electricity board has also announced subsidy for peoples living in the rented house. To get subsidy benefits from DERC, They will have to provide a rent payment receipt.

Source : Hindustan Times