According to CNET report, Automaker company has teamed up with Chinese solar cell company to develop thin film solar array which they will use to embedded in a panoramic roof. Although the Audi is trying hard from last few years to change that traditional panoramic glass with a new innovative solar roof.
As these solar array does not generate enough power to run a car but the little power generated by these roof is used to power Airconditioner and seat heaters.

Audi’s Solar panoramic roof

Building these solar cells helps Audi to make battery powered electric cars in future.These solar cells are thin, flexible, efficient and small and they even work well in areas with low light and high-temperature situation.Audi plans to launch its first prototype in end of 2017, and product unit will start in early 2018.These sunroofs are made of glass, with inlaid Solar PV panels. They operate the same as conventional factory-fitted glass moonroofs. An electric car company Tesla Motors has already announced his solar panoramic roof cars.

Audi’s rival Tesla Motors already announced his solar panoramic roof cars. Panasonic also announced an advanced solar panel system that will debut on the 2017 model Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid in Japan
Renault Zoé,  some versions of the Mazda Millennia and Mazda 929 have already used and tested its cars with solar panoramic roofs.


Audi's Next Vehicles Will Be Embedded With Solar panoramic roof

panoramic roof

Audi's Next Vehicles Will Be Embedded With Solar panoramic roof

panoramic cars

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