Electric cars are one of the best modes of transportation due to its features and eco-friendly nature. they are risk-free, light weight and high-speed vehicles require electric energy to run. Due to human evolution, the technology is also reaching its maximum, and now we all are looking for an alternative solution to increase use of renewable resources to save the world. Zero carbon emission from these cars makes these cars eco-friendly and its batteries are charged by using solar charging power stations.Due to the energy crisis, it is not possible to depend on diesel or petrol engine because they are not available in enough amount and using these alternatives are the only solution to stay going towards better future.

History Of Electric Cars

The first electric car was built by Thomas Parker in 1884. They used his own specially designed high-capacity rechargeable batteries to run the vehicle.The first commercial launch of electric cars happened in 1897, USA.During the 20th century, the main manufacturers of electric vehicles in the US were Anthony Electric, Baker, Columbia, Anderson, Edison, Riker, Milburn and others. These cars are less noisy and less fast and require no gears to run. with the zero carbon emission goal more efficient electric cars has been made by California air resources board in 1990.During 2004, California based company Tesla Motors began developing highly efficient electric cars with advanced storage battery solution. These cars are known as the best electric car has been built ever.

How Electric Cars Works & its Features

Electric motor and battery are main parts of any electric vehicle. The electric motor is used to take power from the controller to turn the wheel and battery are used to supply electric energy to electric motors and whole vehicle controlling system. batteries are used to charge from grid electricity, either from the wall socket or dedicated charging units. it generates zero pollution and also most of the charging station take energy from solar to recharge the car’s battery.It comes with easy home charging units to charging using a traditional socket and electric cars usually runs up to 70 to 100 miles while some cars like Tesla and other companies can run up to 265 miles on a single charge.They have large luggage space due to its compact engines and comes with large sunroof area. due to increases in demand lot of supercharging station has been built in last four years. American and Indian government is planning to replace all traditional vehicle to electric vehicles.

Top Reasons why Electric Cars Became Future Of Transportation

electric cars in development

Future Of Electric Cars

Electric cars now become smart and driverless, these efficient cars can run miles with small batteries and smart enough to prevent it from any accidents.The cost of electric vehicles now become affordable. An automaker company TESLA MOTORS has become more popular for its modern driverless cars and Tesla won’t be the only one playing on the field. Every major automaker either wants or needs to have volume plug-in sales to stay relevant as a brand and compliant as a corporation.There is new 750 thousand electrical vehicles registration has been made in 2016 worldwide, it shows an incredible growth, and in terms of market share, Norway has shown the most successful deployment of electric cars.China was by far the largest electric car market in 2016, with 336 thousand new electric cars registered.

The growth of electric cars market is going increase every year due to The cost of batteries. According to the department of energy, the cost of batteries, the single most expensive component of the cars, fell by more than half between 2012 and 2016.

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