Researchers at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, invented a solar water cooler which helps to make your home cooler and also helps to reduce electricity bill. Most of us are familiar with solar water heater and we are using it for decades now, But these solar water cooler using a different material to build an efficient cooling system.
The solar panel used in this cooling system is placed atop a roof, and they made of three components.
1) Silver coating Top layer
The plastic layer is built with a silver coating that reflects nearly all incoming sunlight.

2)Copper tube
The plastic layer sits atop the second component, a snaking copper tube. when water is flowing through the tube, where it sheds heat to the plastic.

3) Thermal body cover
The panel is encased in a thermally insulating plastic housing that ensures nearly all the heat radiated away comes from the circulating water and not the surrounding air.

The main reason behind the cooling air generated is due to heat is then radiated out by the plastic at a wavelength in the middle region of the infrared (IR) spectrum, which is not absorbed by the atmosphere and instead travels all the way to outer space.

To test the efficiency of these cooling solar panel system Researchers of Stanford University, recently placed three water cooling panels each 0.37 square meters at the rooftop and started circulating water through them at a rate of 0.2 liters every minute. They tested the whole system for three days and results was very good. Their setup cooled the water as much as 5-degree Celcius below the ambient temperature.

Startups are working hard to commercialize the water cooling system due to its increasing demand.Because cooling systems consume roughly 15% of all electricity and account for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Raman Researchers physicist and member of the Stanford team says, the new water coolers could make a dramatic impact on global energy use.


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