We all have one electricity meter fixed inside or outside of our home and we use to calculate our monthly energy consumption.There are many types of meters we use according to our electricity load and requirements. At the end of every month, electricity department workers come and note down the units as shown by electricity meter and generate our monthly bill accordingly. Do you know what that unit meant for and how our meter calculate electricity consumption? Today we will discuss on electricity meters and its working and provide you easy steps on how to read it.

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How Your Electricity Meter Works & How To Read It ?

electricity usage meter

What Is Electricity Meter & How They Works

Every traditional meter has three main part 1)Metal disc 2) gears 3) display.
When the electric current passes through the meter, the disk rotates to measure the exact amount of kilowatts used. It is connected to an electric motor which rotates at a speed that is proportional to the product of voltage and current being supplied.The speed of rotation depends on how much electricity you are using in your house for a particular device.All types of meter measure electricity in KWh, if you’re running those appliances who consumes lots of energy than your meter reading disc speed will reach on top.
As the speed of the disc is proportional to the product of the voltage and current being supplied if there is current but no voltage, it does not rotate, and it there happened to be a voltage but no current, it would not rotate either.

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Every meter comes with an inbuilt LCD display used to indicate energy consumption and other electrical terms.It comes with auto sleep feature so, if your meter does not show anything than don,t worry it will start indicating numbers automatically.

There is a sign of Kwh is located below the main digits which indicate the highest demand of electricity in the current month. Besign those digits these are signs of P1, P2, P3, P4 which indicates the maximum electricity demands of last four months.These digits are used to calculate energy consumption and generate electricity bills.

There is Symbol MD located beside symbol Kwh is indicating the maximum demand which was used in last month for at least 30 minutes.

There are three LED indicated located below LCD display panel with the symbol of ELT, Phase, and CAL.

If the LED light is Phase symbol is shown green light that means your meter is working properly and it showing correct digits.If the LED light of ELT section is turned on that mean there is some problem with your meter and house wiring.If the symbols of earthing and reverse electricity showing on LCD display panel it also indicates the same. The calibration LED(CAL) which is always blinking continuously and indicates the constant no. of times the LED blink for 1 unit of consumption.

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Types of meter

As the world is going smart the electricity meters are also turned smart with web-based tools which can be used with home energy management systems.These meters monitor your energy consumption and gives you real-time tracking details to help you find ways to save energy and money, and even allow you to remotely adjust your thermostat or turn your appliances off.

Other types of electricity meters are standard meters, Digital meters, Dial meters, Economy 7 meters, Prepayment meters.

How To Read Electricity Meter

How Your Electricity Meter Works & How To Read It ?

what is a smart meter for electricity

first of all note down the numbers showing on LCD display panel. For traditional meter type, you need to take two readings – reading ‘P1’ and ‘P2’. Reading 2 is for the previous month and it displays on LCD display panel alternatively with another month readings.The display will alternate between the two regularly, and you can tell which is which by the number on the left-hand side.Subtract the previous month reading from the present month, that will be your present month electricity consumption, which will be added to your electricity bill for the final calculation.

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