Everyone in this evolving world is using mobile apps for news, gaming, entertainment, and shopping. These mobile apps are user-friendly and safe to use.you do need to enter a website address and use the browser if you are using mobile apps. Today we will discuss some of best mobile apps which help you to save electricity. many electrical appliances we are using every day are consuming lots of energy and sometimes we forgot to switch off these appliances and not aware about how much electricity appliances are consuming, these mobile apps developed by most developers from all over the worlds are smart enough to not only notify you about your house appliances but also it helps you to save your hard earned money by saving average electricity usage.These mobile apps are available for both Android and iPhone devices & most of them are free to use. The list of best smartphone apps to save electricity are:

Electricity Bill Calculator

Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity Bill Up to 30%

online electricity bill tariff calculator

Electricity bill calculator is an easy bill calculator in which you can find and calculate your monthly consumption on your own.Lots of electrical appliances are listed in this app with its power capacity which also helps you to find any particular home appliances consuming more energy and responsible for the high electricity bill and also You can track any appliance energy consumption hourly. There are total 10k mobile app users and it is available on play store free of cost.

Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity

Smappee Energy Monitor

Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity Bill Up to 30%

electricity monitoring meter

Smappee is a real time monitoring system which gives you an insight of your energy consumption by house appliances. It is a smart messaging system gives you instant notification about any type of leaks and danger and gives you depth analysis of what exactly happens.you can check your electricity consumption status remotely even when you are not in the home and save up to 30% monthly electricity bill.

Apps similar to smappee energy monitor are Voltware, Sense Home, Wiser Link

Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity


Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity Bill Up to 30%

electricity monitoring devices

Zipato is all in one monitoring system which can control your home from any smartphone or any other internet enabled device, using a secured internet connection.Zipato home security monitoring system allows you to always keep an eye on children or anything wrong happen with your home appliances.Smart thermostat monitoring system can control room temperature automatically and it helps a lot to save energy.

Download These Mobile Apps To Save Electricity

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