Indian total solar installed capacity crosses 12.50 Mw in 2017 and its has target to reach towards 60 GW of capacity till 2022.Solar capacity from last two year has grown 5 times. from 2.6GW on 2014 to 12.5Gw on 2017.TO lower solar installation cost Indian government has launched subsidy scheme for the consumer to increase its rooftop solar capacity.Net metering solution made solar grow rapid in India, Indian government planning Off-grid solution for rural areas because only 55% of all rural area has access to electricity. Solar prices are dropping continuously which push the solar demand in India.India becomes now world’s third largest solar powered capacity country.Every state has its own policy for developers and consumers to get solar installed with high PPA. As the climate of a state or city is also depends, states with high summer temperature and high intensity and radiation will be known as the best place for solar to install.

Here are the Top Indian States With Largest Solar Power Installed Capacity

Solar in Andhra Pradesh

With 1867 Mw of solar capacity Andhra Pradesh is ranked first among another state in terms of solar capacity. Rajasthan and Tamilnadu hold the second and third position.The total solar capacity of Andhra Pradesh in 2015 and 2016 are 137Mw and 72.97Mw, in 2017 Andhra Pradesh added new 979MW of solar capacity. Click here to read Andhra Pradesh solar power policy 2017

Top Solar Parks Of Andhra Pradesh Are

Anantapur Ultra Mega Solar Park(15ooMW)
Kadapa Solar Park (1000MW)
Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park(1000MW)
Ananathapurumu II Solar Park(500MW)

Solar In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is mostly known for its high temperature and now its becomes most lovable state for solar developers and solar lovers. With total solar installed capacity of 1812Mw, Rajasthan is the second state of India with large solar capacity. Solar growth in past three years are 942MW in 2015, 1269Mw in 2016 and 1812MW till March 2017. Rajasthan government solar friendly policy investors are more interested in investing in Rajasthan.

Top Solar Parks In Rajasthan Are

Bhadla Soalr Park phase II (680MW)
Bhadla Solar Park PhaseIII (1000MW)
Essel Phalodi-Pokran Solar Park (750MW)

Solar In Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu Just Reiveled world’s largest solar park with a total capacity of With of 648 MW of electricity, the plant includes of 2.5 million individual solar PV modules Installed in the area of 10 sq km. Click here to know more about Tamilnadu solar policy. Total installed capacity of 1691.83MW Tamilnadu becomes third largest Indian state with more solar capacity. The growth of solar in the year 2015 and 2016 are 142MW to 1061 MW respectively.

Top Solar Parks In Tamilnadu Are

Ramnathpuram Solar Park(500MW)

Adani Solar(648MW)

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