China has made a huge impact in the solar industry with its solar friendly policy and now it becomes largest solar power production in the world. China is known for its low-cost manufacturing units due to its growing economy.There is high growth noticed in solar industry due to its cost and Chinese government helping peoples to get solar panels installed on his rooftop. About 80% of households have the solar water heater installed on the rooftop. Both India and China are the biggest competitor in the solar industry.India now becomes third largest solar power producer.
Take a look at the thighs you need to know about world’s largest solar power producer

Since 2011 China has produced the majority of solar PV panel used globally.China has been the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels since 2008

In 2016 China has total solar installed capacity was 34,540 Mw

Things You Need To Know about world's Largest Solar Power Producer

An average solar panel manufacturing capacity of China is 51MW, an amount of twice as larger as 2010’s global capacity

China has a largest growing solar PV manufacturing industry with over 400 solar PV manufacturing units.

Things You Need To Know about world's Largest Solar Power Producer

China planned to add 1Gw of capacity of solar power each year, they trying to hit target of 150MW of capacity till 2020

With over 600MW/year of solar PV manufacturing capacity, yingli solar is one of largest Pv manufacturing company

China intends to increase the amount of non-fossil generated power to 20% by 2030.China will invest $364 billion to achieve that goal

Electricity consumption in China rose 0.5% from 2014 to 2015, from 5522 TWh to 5550 TWh

Things You Need To Know about world's Largest Solar Power Producer

The total Surface area of solar panel installed in China is equaled to over 10,000 football stadiums

China has pushed the growth of solar globally by dropping 80% solar panel prices in last ten years

World’s cutest solar farm THE PANDA is in China

China has 213KWh of solar consumption capacity per 1000 people.92% of total installation is from water heaters.

panda solar plant