Your Cost of the solar system depends on which brands of solar panels will you use. different brands have different efficiency rates and different warranty or working policies.Solar panel with higher efficiency is known as best solar panels are not 100% efficient so, that we will require lots of panel for our home which requires lots of space.

Today we will discuss some of The Best Indian solar panel Brands In 2017.  which is in the market from last few years and growing day by day due to its best quality solar panel working quality.

Vikram Solar
An Indian company from Vikram group is India’s second largest company in terms of revenue and the total solar panel capacity installed by Vikram solar is 500 MW.

Waree Solar
The company with 18 years experience is now working over 65 countries with the distribution network. the company has now many solar panel production units in India with a total solar installed capacity of 500Mw.

Tata Solar system
India’s largest business group has also worked in solar industry with the joint venture. it also holds record of a first Indian company to ship over 1GW of solar module worldwide.The total solar panel installed capacity of TATA solar is 300MW.

There are many solar panel manufacturers in India who has crossed 100 MW of solar installed capacity.

Let’s take a look at global leader in solar panel manufacturing sector

Trina Solar
Trina solar is Chinese company and ships around 11GW of solar modules globally. it is also listed in top 100 fastest Growing Companies list. It holds 1st rank in total solar module shipping capacity.It generally develops and produces ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar modules. Also handles solar EPC contracts globally.

Canadian Solar
WIth over 24 countries global distribution network Canadian solar is also the largest growing company is short time span in the market. Company founded it 2001 and works on manufacturing, solar EPC, and other solar energy solutions.
There are 9000 workers are working worldwide with total solar module shipping capacity of 16GW(approximately 70 million solar panels).

Jinko solar
Jinko solar is another Chinese manufacturer of solar module and also works as solar project developer with over 15000 employees and five production sites. the company started its business by manufacturing wafers.The total solar module shipped capacity of jinko solar is 4.51 GW.

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