Hiight is now offering special boot model solar project for schools to get the benefit of electricity at lower tariff. The Indian government has the target of total 40 GW of solar installation till 2022  and we are already hitting 22 GW of solar capacity in March next year.

Solar Installation For Schools Initiative from Hiight in 2017

Education in India is provided by both public sector and private sector and both are running with their standard education quality. funds which are needed to manage and run schools progressive are coming from central, state and local.India has made progress in terms of expanding literacy to approximately three-quarters of the population in the 7–10 age group And Drop-outs numbers from college going students are also decreased by 2011.Due to contributors to its economic development seen in last several years, India’s education system is also improved.

Solar Installation For Schools Initiative from Hiight in 2017

solar installation at schools

When things come from education sector Indian government are now taking care of all the problem our education system is running through because our future depends on those children and youngsters who are studying in schools and colleges and HIIGHT has decided to take responsibility to get schools aware of free solar electricity & best environmental friendly solar solution.

We have solution for both big & small Schools

Schools with low electricity usage can buy a solar system from us and use free electricity for next 25 years. The cost of the solar system depends on your requirement and your location. it comes with 25 years warranty.

Schools with larger electricity usage can implement solar on the rooftop with paying any cost. yes, we will invest 100% of project cost and only charge schools for the amount of electricity usage per month at very lower per unit rates.

Benefits of solar energy are:-

  • 100% pollution free environment-friendly solution
  • zero maintenance cost
  • 25 years warranty
  • High returns on investment
  • Net Metering solution requires no batteries for backup
  • Subsidy by Indian government

For solar installation at schools contact us at +91-9975162987  or book solar system at http://www.hiight.com  


schools in india with solar system

solar installation for schools

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