The city known as the orange city is now one of India’s smart city and its growing market attracts a lot of business owners to focus on the emerging market of Nagpur. In India, the renewable energy sector is now the most growing business and Nagpur also has the contribution to it. From 1.5 MW of solar at Haldir am’s to Asia’s largest solar thermal plant, the city has shown its own capacity and business growth rate. Nagpur which comes in the central region of India and due to this, city has lots of benefits regarding transportation and ease of business.
Solar power market is also growing at its highest pace in Nagpur due to great response from citizens many companies have been registered in last two years. Maharashtra government is also helping consumers and developers with subsidy programs that help to generate more jobs in the solar sector in Nagpur.
Cost of solar power system is now at its lowest due to high demand and state govt. subsidy. Wheather of Nagpur is best suitable for solar power system, the high-intensity sunlight helps solar panel to generate maximum output in a day. Due to the growth of solar power market, all solar panels dealers, solar light dealers, and manufacturers are easily making equipment available at any moment which helps to complete any small project in only two to three days.Solar power system comes with 25 years of warranty and net metering system, which requires no batteries which help to reduce the total cost of solar. The net-metering system has made the solar most efficient and affordable clean energy solution.

Benefits Of Rooftop Solar Power System in Nagpur

  • It comes with 25 Years of warranty
  • High ROI(return on investment) on solar projects
  • Extra solar subsidy from State government
  • Zero maintenance Cost

Hiight always recommended to choose the best company in your area and read our article on how to choose best solar equipment and best company in your area.

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