A solar installation is quite a technical term to understand. There are many types of electric equipment which consumer need to understand how they work? and how to select a suitable low-cost effective product for your solar system?. Most of the companies have assurance policies for the consumer for service quality and warranties for equipment.
Every solar equipment comes with different quality with its costs according to its working capacity or efficiency. The equipment required for complete setup of the solar system on your rooftop is:-
Solar panel
solar inverter
solar battery
mounting structure

Follow These Steps To FInd Best Solar Company In Your Area

As due to the easy business registration process, lots of solar companies are now working in the sector and some of them are for years and some are third party supplier. AS you are investing your hard earned money in solar, you have to take care of following things which are described below to don’t get cheated.

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Thighs need to find the best solar company in your area is:-

Check out whether solar company have online presence or not

Check for reviews about solar company to choose best one, generally, fake or worst companies have bad reviews on the internet

best solar company in india

Always check whether solar company is registered or not

Never order solar system with company located outside the city & your state otherwise, they will charge you extra cost

Ask him about battery backup hours if system is OFF-GRID

Check Government solar business registration document of company (MNRE or State government registration documents)

How To Find Best Solar Energy Company In Your Area?

Check how much solar system company has installed before

Note down brand names of solar equipment your company will use and search for its prices online

Visit any home or place where your solar company had installed solar system and ask its old customers how his system is working now

Most of the companies with great online presence and positive reviews are known as best companies to choose

How To Find Best Solar Energy Company In Your Area?

Ask about total system cost so that, they won’t charge you any hidden cost after installation

Ask about solar analysis in which he will describe how much solar power it will generate over 25 years

Check whether they provide service for maintenance or not, sometimes they will charge you extra cost for system maintenance

Check company address and other details to contact in case of any problem with system

Check whether your solar company is giving you subsidy according to government rule or not


best solar company in india