Everyone has questions regarding working of solar panels at night and any possible ways to get solar energy at night to generate more electricity.
The solar panel generates photons which then converted into electricity, these photos are generated when solar panel comes in contact with sunlight. during night time there is no any other medium is available for a solar panel to generate electricity.To get electricity during the night time we have batteries and grid utility system available.Many people now live in the rural areas are uses a solar battery to store energy at daytime and consumes it at night time.Peoples living in urban areas are using grid utility system to get his solar-generated electricity from the utility grid during night time. As the battery backup for electricity at night is not a good option to choose because of its disadvantages. Use of Batteries will increase your total solar system cost. Grid utility is also a good option to get stored energy back at night and it is mostly used option all over the world. As due to the evolution of technology, engineers also got an another way to get solar energy at night.

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Let’s check How These Solar Power Plants Gets Solar Energy At Night?

PS10 Solar Thermal Power Tower

This plant located in Spain is world’s first concentrating solar power which is able to produce solar energy at night.
During daytime, it operates in the same way as other solar plant works.

These are the two towers known as ps10 and ps11. Each of these towers is surrounded by a field of angled mirrors known as heliostats. These mirrors are used to reflect solar radiation onto a receiver which is located at the top of the each tower. These mirrors reflect the most sunlight possible, which will use this heat produced from sunlight to convert it into steam. The steam is used to rotate the turbine which is further connected to the generator. The whole process also continues during the night due to the fact that it has 15 hours of energy storage to back it up, when cloudy and at night too.

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How These Solar Power Plants Gets Solar Energy At Night?

ps10 solar power plant

Andasol Solar Power Station

Like another solar power plant, it also stores extra energy during daytime and uses it at night to generate electricity from thermal energy. the 150 Mw of concentrated solar power plant uses parabolic troughs. The parabolic mirrors are mounted with a small tube filled with liquid fluid.
parabolic-trough mirrors are a solar collector, they concentrate sunlight on tubes which warm oil liquid to more than 400-degree Celsius which then used to boil the water which spins a turbine to generate electricity from the thermal process.
As these solar collectors are big enough to collect twice as much sunlight as plants need to operate during the daytime. The backup or extra generated heated oil is sent to the heat exchanger. The hot molten salt is used as backup during the night which generates electricity by boiling water.

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How These Solar Power Plants Gets Solar Energy At Night?


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