After being using those costly electrical fuel pumps and facing a shortage of electricity in most of the Indian state are common in nowadays, even petrol pumps owners are getting irritated by high electricity tariff rates. in India, there is total 56000 petrol working petrol pumps and they need lots of electricity to run continuously.most of the petrol pumps belong to Indian oil and others are from Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum. The petrol & diesel demand of India is gradually increasing and this will increase the number of petrol stations in future.

solar now become a booming industry and India now becomes third largest solar power producer. The total solar grid capacity of India is 12.50 GW. India has added total 3.01 GW of solar capacity in 2015-2016 and 5.525 GW in 2016-2017.The Indian government has the target to get 100 GW in 2022.

Some of the petrol pumps have already started using solar energy, and they have claimed 10% more revenue after solar installation. solar electricity comes with zero maintenance and now available at low cost with 25 years working guarantee.There are total 7 to 10% of petrol pumps of HP and Bharat Petroleum is using solar electricity now.On average, a 24 hr running petrol pumps need about 5kw of power i.e 1900 kW of power per year. petrol pumps owner can start with 10 to 15 kW of solar rooftop installation and later he can increase up to 25 kW depends on requirement.The solar installation at petrol pumps is risky and we need to take precautions during installation.As all petrol pumps have a customized roof which helps us to get the installation done easily without mounting structure.

Solar Solution For Petrol Pumps

The benefits of solar installation for petrol pumps are:-

1. They reduce your electricity bill up to zero & Reduced bills on running back up DG sets
2. The Indian government provide 30% subsidy on solar, that will make help to lower installation cost
3.Easy EMI options are available for owners to start using solar electricity with minimum down payment and low EMI.
4.Zero maintenance cost
5.Tax benefits by going for accelerated depreciation
6.Eco-friendly & pollution free solution
7.Proper utilization of space by installing solar panels atop the canopy of the petrol pump

petrol pump with solar

solar for petrol pump